Dufferin Mortgage Incorporated is an experienced multi-service real estate intermediary providing comprehensive financing/equity and real estate services to borrowers and investors alike.

Dufferin structures financing to satisfy the exacting requirements of both borrowers and lenders. This is achieved through ready access to financial resources provided by a broad spectrum of life insurance companies, pension funds, trust companies, banks and corporate joint ventures.

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Dufferin's involvement in the emerging Public/Private Partnership market during the last four years has resulted in the structuring of financial models meeting the "operating lease" requirements of the P3 program allowing the construction of numerous public facilities which remove the responsibilities and risk of ownership yet providing the requirements to the stakeholders without the need of public funding.

Based upon a thorough review of the investment objectives, the resources of the investor, and the restrictions inherent with each project, Dufferin develops flexible investment and loan packages tailored to suit each client's requirements. Utilizing traditional sources and leading edge techniques in emerging and changing financial markets,

Dufferin maximizes the options available for any development. Each one has specific requirements that are unique, but all have benefited from Dufferin's approach - to match the best available supply of capital with each project.